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Why it is Essential For Your Pool Heater To Receive Proper Water Flow

Pool Heaters

Imagine you have company over to swim in your pool and the heat pump or water heater is not heating the water.  A pool heater is an economical and reliable method to heat your pool water. They provide hours of warm water for you and your family to enjoy the pool and do not require your constant attention.

Even though pool heaters are reliable, they still require proper maintenance and annual servicing to run smoothly. You want to have Rome Aire Services conduct the proper maintenance to maximize your pool heater’s performance and extend its life. Rome Aire will ensure all the parts are in proper working condition and that there is proper water flow; one of the most overlooked issues pool heaters have.

The Importance of Proper Water Flow

The performance of your unit is directly correlated to proper water flow. Water flow plays an essential role in the water heating process. The water travels through a section of the pump to become warm which is where the pump uses refrigerant to harvest heat.

The refrigerant is converted to gas becoming pressurized to increase in temperature. The hot refrigerant is pumped through titanium tubing as water is pumped through. The water rises in temperature as it simultaneously cools down the pipe. This cooling process is essential to regulate the pressure in the tubing. However, without proper water flow, the refrigerant cannot cool compromising adequate heating.

The pressure is maintained throughout the unit working harder and using more energy, effectively deteriorating the unit and requiring costly repairs. With proper water flow, the issue could have been avoided entirely.

Circulation and Rate of Flow

Circulation involves water flow in the pool pump, filter, and heat pump. The flow rate measures how well water circulates throughout the system. It is essential to ensure both adequate circulation and proper water flow are taking place within your unit.

  • Filter –  A filter screen blocks debris from entering the water flow. When a filter screen is blocked, water flow is affected. It is imperative that the filter screen is cleaned out regularly to reduce circulation and flow issues.
  • Pump Basket – The basket must all be kept free of debris to prevent interruptions to the circulation system.
  • Water Pressure SwitchThe water pressure switch monitors proper water flow and PSI (pounds per square inch) and serves as a safety mechanism when the pressure is too low preventing damage.
  • ValvesCheck that all valves are fully open to ensure there is consistent water flow throughout the system.

Rome Aire Services

As a pool owner, it is essential to understand the importance of proper water flow within your pool heating system. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs and damage to your system. Pool owners can schedule a service appointment with Rome Aire Services, Inc.

We recommend that a pool heater professional provides a thorough checkup at least twice a year. Ideally, you would like one in the Fall season (as Winter approaches) and one in the Spring (as the Summer months are arriving). More often than not your pool heater is shut off in the Summer months. With that being said, you want to be sure that prior to leaving it idle for the next four to six months, it is professionally inspected by a pool heater professional.

Rome Aire Services is your one-stop shop for all of your pool heating and air conditioning needs. Our highly trained staff gets it right the first time; every time!. No job is ever too big or too small. Rome Aire Services has you covered at all times of the year. As we say; “We keep you cool and heat your Pool”! Call today and see for yourself the Rome Aire Difference.

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