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Tips On AC Maintenance Boynton Beach Should Perform Themselves


The last thing anyone wants to do is suffer through an air conditioning unit failure in the hottest part of the summer — but we’re here to tell you, that’s overwhelmingly when units tend to have problems. Speaking as the best experts in AC repair Boynton Beach has to offer, we can say from experience most folks have their air conditioning running 24-7 during the hottest parts of the year, and don’t seem to find the time then to take on the simplest of maintenance tasks that can make the difference between an efficient, smooth-running AC unit and one that’s going to give you trouble.

There are two maintenance tasks you should never put off — especially when use ramps up as it does in the summer. The first is to just keep your unit’s condenser coils clean of debris. Dirt, dust, pollen and whatever else happens to be floating through the air can clog up the condenser, at first simply reducing the unit’s efficiency but eventually causing real damage. Take a moment to gently brush or even vacuum the coils at least once a month in the summer and your unit will last longer and run better.

The other item to make sure you get to is replacing the air filters. A filter that might last two months or longer when an AC unit isn’t running all the time can need replacement in a matter of weeks during the height of summer; check the filter frequently, and if there’s any doubt, replace it.

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