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The Four Main Types of Thermostats and Which One to Buy



No matter how much they’ve change one things remains the same; your thermostat is the “brains of the operations” when it comes to your cooling and heating system. The thermostat is what decides when to turn on or turn off, run longer or turn off quicker.

The wrong thermostat can lead to hundreds of dollars in excessive utility bills. What you should invest in your thermostat falls on your needs based on features and necessity.

For the most part you have four main types of thermostats:


These old-school thermostats may still be available at some HVAC supply houses but are soon to be extinct. Lack of reading an accurate temperature and not ever really knowing what you may have your temperature set at caused the inevitable demise of these thermostats.


These were the predecessors to the mechanical thermostats. Operates more efficiently with its ability to read and display a more accurate temperature. Digital Non-Programmable thermostats are compatible with most heating and cooling systems. They are battery operated or may also be operated by a common wire for power.


As most things in technology; good things are usually made better. The same applies to programmable thermostats. Not only do you get all of the accurate temperature readings in a beautiful digital display but now you can tell it what temperature you want it at and at what time. That’s right, you can manually program your thermostat to turn off, as you leave for work, and turn on, right before you arrive home. These thermostats also provide other features such as time, date and a calendar just to name of few. Programmable thermostats are compatible with most heating and cooling system. They are battery operated or may also be operated by a common wire for power.


Lastly, we have the Smart Thermostats. Without a doubt the thermostat that offers the most features and benefits from any other.  These thermostats can be controlled from anywhere around your home, your town or even around the world. Some are so technologically advanced that they even detect your daily settings and automatically program it for you all on its own.  They can also conveniently work with other smart home systems to give you complete control of your home or office.

Make sure that you take the time to discuss thermostat options with your HVAC contractor. One thing is for sure the better the thermostat you purchase the happier you will be.

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