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NewsMay 1, 2017

This spring, clean the indoor air you breathe—without lifting a finger!

Rome Aire now offers 2 New i-WAVE Air Purification systems which

  • Kill viruses – cold & flu
  • Kills bacteria – including Staph, E.Coli, TB, MRSA, C-diff.
  • Reduces allergens –dust, pollen, pet dander, asthma attack triggers
  • Destroys airborne mold spores
  • Controls unwanted household odors –cooking, pets, cigarette and cigar smoke, etc.

Rome Aire 35th Anniversary Special (thru May 31, 2017)

Install i-WAVE-v $975 or i-WAVE-R (self-cleaning) $1075 and receive your choice of:

  • 12 FREE A/C filters ($125-160 value) 1” thick, pleated or orange/white tactified


  • 1 FREE PPPM Agreement with (2) semi-annual 1 system A/C preventive maintenance ($150-170 value)

i-WAVE cleans air every time the A/C air enters your home or office; installs in the A/C system, fits any make/model/size A/C system

  • Produces NO OZONE or other undesirable by-products
  • Requires NO REPLACEMENT PARTS or expensive bulbs

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