How UV Lights Work For Sanitization Of Air Conditioning Systems


Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of short wavelength radiation. Although exposure to UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds can be dangerous, ultraviolet light has a variety of uses. One of the more beneficial uses is to install UV lights in Air conditioning systems as a way to purify the air.

Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air because the ultraviolet component of sunlight destroys microbes.

Unlike filters, which collect pollutants as they pass through the system, UV lights actually kill organic matter, such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. UV light is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs like viruses and bacteria. The light alters the genetic structure of the germ and they die.

While UV light sanitation may seem like relatively new technology, the use of UV light to kill germs on surfaces, in the air and in the water dates back to 1916. UV light has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs.

The warmth and moisture found in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems of households and office buildings make the perfect breeding ground for airborne molds, microorganisms and bacteria. These HVAC systems also provide an ideal way to circulate viruses and germs around an entire office building or home in a relatively short time.

Many air conditioning installation companies offer UV sanitization but not all are equal and UV lights will be more or less useful depending on the environment they are placed in. The effectiveness of UV lights depends on the UV irradiation dose, the system design, age of the lights and other factors.

There are many different types of UV sanitization systems. One of the systems we recommend is most effective when the ultraviolet rays from the probes shine on the cold air side of the air conditioner evaporator coil. This keeps the evaporator coil in a healthy condition by eliminating the normal mold, algae, slime, and gel formations that can act as breeding areas for bacteria. This also prevents buildup that can plug the coil, inhibit air flow, and increase cooling costs. A very thin film just .002” thick on your indoor coil is all it takes to reduce airflow by as much as 9%*. UV Lights can clean the coil and virtually eliminate additional build up.

They can help to rid your home of bacteria, viruses and germs that reside in the air you breathe every day. UV lights will prevent these and other particles from building up on the indoor coil which can inhibit airflow and reduce heating and cooling efficiency. When the UV Lights are properly mounted inside your system near the indoor coil, they will direct UV light to the source of potential fungal and microbial growth. When combined with a high efficiency air cleaner, you can enjoy substantial improvements to the quality of your indoor air.

UV Lights retain their effectiveness for 1 ½ to 2 years. After the initial air conditioning installation, additional replacement bulbs are relatively inexpensive. Depending on the age and condition of the existing HVAC system and/or ventilators, it is suggested to assess the unit to determine what needs to be done prior to installation of UV lights.

Professional AC Installation Boca Raton Counts On


There’s nothing wrong, broadly speaking, with wanting to do things on your own; there are a lot of opportunities for property owners and managers to “get their hands dirty” taking care of small jobs around their homes and businesses. But for some things, there’s no substitute for calling in the professionals — and we strongly believe getting air conditioning professionally installed is the best choice.

First of all, every room in every building is unique. Not every home or workspace has the same air conditioning needs, and a big-box “one size fits all” solution is probably going to fall short; and just going for a huge “overkill” system has its own set of problems (such as cooling a space so quickly the humidity remains behind, leaving cold, damp and uncomfortable air). There’s no substitute for a properly-sized system, and your HVAC professional can ensure you get the right one.

Next, a professional installer will make certain you have the right (and clean) ductwork for your AC application; bad ducts can lead to polluted air, which can damage not only your new AC system but your lungs, as well.

Finally, if there’s ever a need for an AC repair, Boca Raton do-it-yourselfers are stuck with either learning a lot about air conditioning repair quickly, or paying through the nose for a company to come out and repair the system. Professional installers will back their work, and offer warrantees on the job they’ve done; often that will include minor repairs that will keep your system up and running in the event of trouble.

For more information about air conditioning — and to learn why we’ve become the AC service Boca Raton homeowners and businesses trust most to keep them cool — please give us a call today!