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Swim ALL Year Round – The Benefits of a Pool Heater

Benefits of a Pool Heater

While the rest of the country is preparing for winter by closing their pools, Floridians have their pools open ALL year round. Pool water in Florida will not freeze during winter; however, swimmers may feel a chill when they take a dip if outside temperatures dip below 80.

Do not limit your time swimming with family and friends to the summer months. A pool heater is an ideal way to keep the pool water at a very comfortable temperature, allowing you to dive in your pool any time you want all twelve months of the year.

A pool heater can be very expensive. It is essential to turn a pool heater on at least once a month to ensure it is running properly.  Additionally, Rome Aire’s maintenance preventative plans can prolong the life and electrical efficiency of your pool heater.

Swimming Pool Heaters

With a low upfront cost and ability to heat any water temperature quickly, pool heaters are the most popular option for heating pools.

These units use propane or electricity to heat the water that will return to your pool. Swimming pool heaters do have higher utility costs and many moving parts which may require service.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are energy efficient, practical, and easy to install. Utilizing the surrounding air to heat pools make heat pumps a popular option. Heat pumps return water heated over a coil back to the pool. Heat pumps are considerably less expensive than electric heaters since they do not require propane to run.

Heat pumps are most useful in warm temperatures, so can only be used in a tropical climate. When temperatures dip below 50 degrees, they will not adequately heat the water in a pool.

Rome Aire Services

Rome Aire Services is a full-service pool heater installation and repair service. We are trained in installing all types of heaters. Let us evaluate your home and pool area to determine which heater will best fit your needs. We will install it and have you swimming in warm water in no time. 

If your pool heater fails to turn on, has improper heating, or is making unusual noises, Rome Aire Services is a full-service pool heater service and repair service providing on-site pool heater and heat pump service, repair, and maintenance for out-of-warranty salt and chlorinated systems.

We are also a factory trained authorized warranty service center providing service and repairs for most electric and gas pool heater manufacturers. Andy, Hayward, Summit, AquaCal, Aqua Pro, RayPak Heat Syphon, HeatPro, Lochinvar, Nirvana, and SunRunner and Zodiac are just some of the brands we are authorized to work on. Visit our pool heater warranty page for a complete list of authorized manufacturers. Call us at 561-482-7495. We look forward to heating your pool.

Boca Raton Air Conditioning Service

Rome Aire Services, Inc., is a family owned and operated business for over 35 years right here in Boca Raton, FL. Rome Aire Services offers professional, honest and efficient same day service. We specialize in all air conditioning service and repairs, new installations, maintenance, maintenance plans, Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q) solutions, and pool heaters.

35 Years and Counting, founded in Boca Raton, FL in 1982, Rome Aire Services has been servicing both residential and commercial customers in Palm Beach and Broward counties for over 35 years with top quality, professional, honest and reliable service. We proudly have an A rating on Angie’s List and take your trust very seriously. Call us today at 561-482-7495 or visit our website.


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