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The heating and cooling system can generate almost half of the average household energy cost, so even small adjustments to temperature settings can make a significant impact on the amount you spend—or save—on energy bills. Traditional mercury or digital non-programmable thermostats do little to discourage energy overuse.

Programmable Thermostats
Programmable thermostats are a great option to introduce energy savings into your home or office. This is done by programming the air conditioner to start cooling just before “cooling” is needed as well as “reduce cooling” just as the air conditioning demand is no longer needed. Programmable thermostats have been found to provide sizeable savings on energy costs annually and to extend the life of equipment.

Humidistats are most often used by Snow Birds or for those who will be leaving their residence for a long period of time. The humidistat measures the humidity in the room and works with the thermostat. Once the humidity reaches a certain level, it triggers the thermostat to cool. This is a perfect way to protect the items in the home against mold and mildew while saving money on unnecessary energy usage.

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When You Are Going Away for an Extended Period of Time
• Set the humidistat control to 60%.
• Set your thermostat to the “cool” position.
• Set the thermostat temperature to 70 degrees.
• Set the fan to the “automatic” position. (This allows the air conditioning system to be activated by the humidity level only.)

When You Are Home for an Extended Period of Time
• Set the humidistat to the “on” position.
• Set the thermostat to your desired temperature setting.
• Leave the other thermostat settings at “cool” and “automatic.”

Learning Thermostats

The latest cutting-edge technology—“learning thermostats”—are now available to offer even more cooling/heating comfort and energy saving possibilities. Learning thermostats maximize your comfort and optimize your energy use by learning your cooling/heating habits and predicting your preferences based on how you actually use your A/C equipment over time.

Some smart thermostats can connect to wireless (WiFi) networks to give you control through your smart phone or computer over the internet, as well as access local weather information to enable the thermostat to adjust your indoor cooling or heating temperature accordingly.

Nest – Learning Thermostat
Rome Aire is proud to introduce the new Nest Learning Thermostat! This thermostat is like no other in the marketplace and we feel it is the most state of the art, cutting edge technology out there at this time.

We at Rome Aire Services feel this is the best solution for comfort control and energy savings for your air conditioning and heating equipment in both commercial and residential applications. Among the many features built-in, the most note-worthy include;

• Simplistic ease of use
• Auto-away and Auto-arrival
• Monthly energy reports and 10-day energy history
• Nest mobile access and remote control
• Local weather awareness and compensation of equipment correspondingly
• and many more useful features

View the NEST brochure here

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