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Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

Don’t want to be bothered with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual scheduling and billing of routine preventive maintenance on your office, rental property, primary residence or vacation home?

Rome Aire can set up a year-long Preventive Maintenance Program tailored to your schedule and specific needs, including any combination of:

  • A/C Preventive Maintenance
  • A/C Filter Service (only or combined with PM schedule)
  • Pool Heat Pump Maintenance

For example, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Programs for current customers include:

  • A/C PM (March, June, September, December)
  • + A/C Filter Service only (January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November)

  • A/C PM (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)
  • + Pool Heat Pump PM (semi-annually or annually)

  • A/C PM (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)
  • + A/C Filter Service only (monthly)
  • + Pool Heat Pump PM (quarterly, semi-annually or annually)

Choose one of these or any combination of services and schedules that best fits your needs.  Call a RAS Customer Service Representative for a free quote, 561-482-7495.

Do you like saving money?
CUSTOMER FAVORITE! – Preventive Maintenance Program customers choosing a minimum of two A/C PMs annually are awarded Preferred Customer Status, effective at time of payment and receive 10% off filter orders and A/C service and repair—including emergency service!

Visit our Preferred Customer Program page and find out about how to qualify for discounted products and services!