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Air Filters

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep your air conditioning system running longer and more efficiently is to keep the air filters clean.

Indoor air is drawn through the filter and into the air handler (indoor unit). As the air is pulled through the filter, larger air-borne particles are captured in the filter mesh. The denser the mesh, the more layers of fiber, the better the filter’s ability to clean the air.

Dirty filters lessen energy efficiency. As captured airborne particles accumulate and the filter becomes “dirty,” more and more electrical energy is required to pull adequate air into the air handler. The cleaner the filter, the more energy efficient the air conditioning system runs.

Filter mesh help to keep the cooling coils clean. After air passes through the filter, it is pulled across the cooling coil. Any airborne particles that have escaped through the filter mesh have the opportunity to stick to the damp cooling coil creating layers of “mud” that eventually harden. As particles continue to accumulate on the coil, the hardened build-up diminishes the cooling effect on the air. The build-up can even cause an offensive odor that is passed along into room air.

Once the coil becomes dirty, the only alternatives are to set the thermostat cooler and cooler (resulting in increased energy costs), or to be content living with room air that is warmer than desired, or to schedule a costly coil cleaning.

Rome Aire logoRome Says – Keeping filters clean is the easiest, single most important thing a homeowner can do for their a/c system. Vacuum/wash or replace filters every 4-6 weeks, Rome advises. “If your system uses disposable filters, I recommend our orange & whites which contain a “sticky” mesh that increases the number of particles captured by the filter.”

Having problems finding A/C filters?
We eliminate the hassle. Rome Aire carries a wide range of filter types and offers common, hard-to-find, and custom size filters for nearly every application. Visit the Buy A/C Filters page for information about our filter products.

Have an office, vacation home or rental property in the area?
Or do you have hard-to-access equipment, a busy household, or just not enough time? Ask about Rome Aire’s Filter Program. We can schedule a technician to routinely change A/C filters at any Palm Beach or Broward location.


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