Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat


Online Special – Installation Included!

Wi-Fi, Touchscreen, Voice, PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT with Voice Control

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With Honeywell’s free Total Connect Comfort
app for iOS and Androidâ„¢, you can:

  • View and change your heating and cooling system settings
  • Schedule remotely
  • Get temperature alerts via email or app
  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected
  • Manage multiple thermostats if your system is zoned
  • Get automatic software upgrades as new features are available


  • Fast and easy to install, on-screen setup
  • Voice activation and control
  • Hands-free comfort control – say “hello, thermostat” to activate and then use one of the supported commands to adjust the temperature
  • Far-field voice technology – the thermostat responds to commands from across the room, even in a busy household
  • Voice-based support – identify the list of supported voice commands by asking “What can I say?”
  • Automatic updates – voice recognition software will update automatically as Honeywell adds new voice commands