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Pre-Paid Preventive Maintenance Program Update

…the rewards keep coming!

Rome Aire Services announced today that Pre-Paid Preventive Maintenance Preferred Customers celebrating their 3rd signed agreement, should watch the mail for the next few days for the arrival of their Third Time’s a Charm Gift Certificate.

Third Time’s a Charm certificates are good toward A/C Repair, Pool Heating Repair, Filter Purchase, GPS Cold Plasma Air Purifier Installation or A/C System Replacement.   No rush to redeem—these certificates can be held until needed.  There’s NO EXPIRATION DATE!

Rome Aire’s Pre-Paid Preventive Maintenance (PPPM) Preferred Customer Program began in 2011, awarding 10% off all additional A/C repair and service—including emergency service—and filter purchases.

In 2013, the company expanded the program to include Pool Heating systems, as well.   PPPM preferred customers could add their annual or semi-annual pool heating preventive maintenance to take place on the same day as A/C maintenance and receive the same 10% discount on all subsequent pool heating service and repair—plus enjoy extra savings given for multiple system PMs!

We value our PPPM customers, and wanted to further reward them for their commitment to “take the most important steps to protect and preserve one of the most expensive appliances in their homes or offices,” said Rome Santos, RAS President and CEO.

Interested in finding out more about our residential or commercial Pre-Paid Preventive Maintenance agreements?  Call Rome Aire at 561-482-7495 and talk to our Customer Service Representatives or to your RAS technician—they will be happy to answer all your questions.


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