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Pool Heater: When do you Repair vs Replace?

Since pool heaters are a large investment, it’s very important to ensure they remain in excellent condition to achieve optimal performance. Of course, just like all types of equipment, pool heaters are susceptible to breaking down or requiring repairs on occasion. When your pool heater experiences problems, you’ll have to figure out whether repairs are the best decision or if you should consider going for a pool heater replacement. There are many factors to take into consideration when figuring out if a repair or a replacement is the best move.

Pool Heater Repairs

If you’re dealing with minor issues with your pool heater equipment, usually going for repairs is a safe move. Some of the issues you might be dealing with include electrical concerns, plumbing complications, and mechanical issues. If you have a pool heater that fails to power up, the problem can be with switches, sensors, or electrical wiring. An experienced technician can handle these issues easily in most cases. If you are experiencing leaks, broken valves, or blocked water flow, this can affect the efficiency of your pool heater. A reliable technician will be able to identify and fix these issues. If your problem is a mechanical issue, a qualified technician can remove faulty components and replace them to solve the problem.

Replacing Your Pool Heater

If your pool heater is old, needs frequent repair, and is no longer covered under warranty, it might be a good idea to consider a pool heater replacement. Some factors to take into consideration when thinking about a replacement include the age of your heater, the cost of maintenance, and if you upgrade your pool to a larger size. If you need help figuring out if repairs or a replacement is needed, Rome Aire Services, Inc is here to help. Our fully licensed and insured technicians can repair any type of pool heater and we provide replacements that are highly efficient and built to last. We’ll carefully assess your pool heater and let you know the best course of action to help you save money and enjoy a pleasant swimming experience. Give us a call today at (561) 482-7495 for a free consultation!

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