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Pool Heater Maintenance

Your Pool Heating Equipment is one of the most expensive appliances at your home.  Protect that investment with a regularly scheduled annual or semi-annual pool heater/heat pump tune-up.   During a Rome Aire Pool Preventive Maintenance (PM) tune-up, your pool heating technician will:

  • Check Fan Motor Amperage Draw
  • Test Compressor Amperage Draw
  • Check Proper Line & Control Voltage to Unit
  • Inspect Relay Contacts
  • Check Capacitor Strength
  • Check Internal Electrical Connections
  • Replace Minor Electrical Connectors, if needed
  • Lubricate Fan Motor
  • Check Operating Refrigerant Pressures
  • Tighten Refrigerant Valve Caps
  • Check Operating Super/Sub-Cooling Heat Reading
  • Inspect Flow/Pressure Switch
  • Check Fan Blade Clearance
  • Check for Proper Operation
  • Clean Heater Cabinet
  • Check Hurricane Straps

It makes sense!  Like regular maintenance for your Air Conditioner (or automobile), pool preventive tune-ups can:

  • Protect against untimely and costly breakdowns
  • Help to keep your equipment performing efficiently
  • Save energy dollars
  • Potentially extend the life of your costly investment

We recommend annual maintenance in the Fall for residential customers who choose annual tune-ups.   Customers who opt for semi-annual PMs, schedule tune-ups in the Fall and again in late Spring (when many Floridians shut off and allow their pool heating equipment to remain idle for the summer months).

NOTE:  Condominium and HOA – For commercial pools where the community hot tubs or spas are used year-round for therapeutic or physical needs, we recommend bi-annual maintenance inspections where it will help minimize repair calls, extend the life of the equipment and reduce the annual operating expense of the pool heating equipment whether electric or gas.  Please call our office for a verbal or written quote.

Inside Scoop!  RAS offers Pre-Paid Preventive Maintenance (PPPM) agreements for your pool heating equipment.  Pre-pay for two (2) pool heater/heat pump maintenances to be performed in the Fall and Spring and reap the benefits of becoming a Pool Heating Preferred Customer.  Benefits include 10% off any additional pool heating services/repairs performed during that 365-day period.

We Heat Your Pool and Keep You Cool!   Ask your Rome Aire technician or Customer Service Rep about additional savings when you sign up for both Pool Heating AND A/C Pre-Paid PMs.  You can enjoy the convenience and our maximum discounts as we pass along the trip savings when you schedule Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance to be performed on the same day as the Pool Heating tune-up.  Sign up for a Maintenance Agreement today!

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