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Preferred Customers

The Preferred Customer Program is Rome Aire’s newest customer appreciation tribute. It’s our way of showing how much we appreciate customers who do their part to keep their air conditioning equipment in top working order.

CUSTOMER FAVORITE!- Preferred Customers receive 10% off filter purchases, and all air conditioning repair and service—including emergency service.

How do you attain Preferred Customer status? All residential or commercial customers who prepay for a minimum of 2 preventive maintenances on their air conditioning and/or pool heater systems and who are in good standing have Preferred Customer status.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) optimizes energy efficiency and helps to prevent the need for emergency repair. PM service can be scheduled semi-annually, bi-monthly, quarterly or monthly depending on lifestyle or work environment and number of people in your family or office.

Want to become a Preferred Customer and earn 10% off filter orders and all service and repair? Call and ask to talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives at 561-482-7495. They will be happy to answer your questions and set up your Preferred Customer account.

Sign up for a Maintenance Agreement today! We can schedule a technician to routinely service your commercial or residential equipment at any Palm Beach or Broward location.