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The Four Main Types of Thermostats and Which One to Buy

Sep 18 2018  

WHAT THERMOSTAT TO BUY No matter how much they’ve change one things remains the same; your thermostat is the “brains of the operations” when it comes to your cooling and heating system. The thermostat is what decides when to turn … Continue reading

Tips For Heat Pump Repair, Delray Beach: What Now?

Aug 3 2018  

There are a lot of things you can do to extend the life of your pool heat pump; we can’t recommend enough getting a service package that includes preventative maintenance and care to ensure this huge investment in your home … Continue reading

HELP! Should I REPAIR or REPLACE my air conditioner in South Florida???

Aug 2 2018  

  South Florida Year round, South Florida temperatures are HOT! All day, people go from one air-conditioned place to the next seeking relief from the heat. Imagine yourself getting home after a long day at work to learn that your … Continue reading

35TH Anniversary Celebration Continues with $500 off A/C Replacement

Aug 1 2017  

August 1, 2017 Rome Aire announced its newest 35th Anniversary celebration offer with an unprecedented $500 off new air conditioning systems (air handler and condensing unit). This is the largest A/C discount in the company’s 3.5-decade history. Don’t miss it! … Continue reading

Price Reduced on iWAVE-V and iWAVE-R

Aug 1 2017  

August 1, 2017 Check out our new, lower prices on household air purification system GPS’ iWAVE-V and iWAVE-R by New Calgon. Customer Favorite! Call for a free quote…and don’t forget to present your $25 off website coupon at time of … Continue reading


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