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New Air Conditioning Service: Is Bigger Always Better?


When people look into buying an air conditioner and having it installed by professionals, sometimes there’s a sense they don’t feel the AC installation proposed is big enough — because more AC service is always better, right?

Well, not exactly. To understand why the biggest AC unit isn’t always the right one for your particular needs, it’s important to first understand what it is about air conditioners that allows them to make a room more comfortable. First of all, obviously, they make warm air cooler — and that’s obviously an important part of what they do. But air conditioners also remove humidity from the air, making air of any temperature more comfortable.

When an AC unit is too large for the space it’s meant to work in, it will cool the air quickly, all right — and when the air gets down to temperature, the thermostat (which you’ll remember measures only temperature, not humidity) will tell the unit to switch off, leaving a lot of humid air in the room that might be cool, but certainly not comfortable. Damp cold is never comfortable, and your oversized AC unit just made a whole lot of it.

Getting an AC unit that’s the right size for a room is one of the benefits of having professional air conditioning technicians install your system; we’ve got experience and formulas that can help us determine just the right unit for your needs, no matter how many square feet your have to work with — and no matter how cut-up and angular those square feet come!

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