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In Southeastern Florida it tends to get very hot during the summer, which means our air conditioning units are working overtime to pump cool air into the home. To keep your unit functioning properly and avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair costs, we have a few tips on how to set your thermostat. Taking these steps will reduce the workload on your unit during warm weather.

The first thing you’ll want to try is setting your thermostat to somewhere in the high 70s Fahrenheit. In Florida it’s often much hotter than that outside, but by keeping your home as close to the outside temperature as possible, you’re reducing the amount of cool air required to regulate your home. If possible, try not to turn your AC down while you’re sleeping and use a fan to cool the area instead. It’s also a great idea to turn your AC up while you’re not home. Increasing the temperature by 10 degrees during a regular workday can save you a ton of money on your energy bill while also keeping your air conditioner from working harder when it doesn’t have to.

Following these steps is a great start for taking care of your air conditioner during the heat of the summer. Of course, it’s often inevitable that you’ll need an air conditioning service, either for regular maintenance or a repair. When you need us, Rome Aire Services, Inc is an HVAC company with 41 years of service and dedication to quality. Give us a call and we can get you the help you need right away.

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