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How to Prevent the Need for Air Conditioning Repair

Living in South Florida requires residents to run their air conditioning units frequently.

Constant running of the unit without proper care by the homeowner can have residents calling for AC service and AC repair.

One of the most common issues homeowners can face is problems with the unit’s refrigerant. If the home isn’t getting cool enough but the unit is still running, a refrigerant problem could be to blame.

A unit that is low on refrigerant can have difficulty keeping a home cool. The problem could stem from a leak, or the unit may have not been charged properly during cooling installation. A quick check by one of my licensed technicians can easily fix the problem for homeowners.

Issues with power to the AC unit can also cause homeowners to feel uncomfortable. If a unit stops working, homeowners should always check the power source. Be sure the thermostat is on the appropriate setting and that the unit is plugged in properly. If those are all in correct working order, residents should check the fuse box to ensure switches have not been flipped. Homeowners should always be sure to keep the owner’s manual handy to reference for proper operating information.

Another common issue is simply a lack of maintenance. Failure to regularly change air filters, clean out the system and maintain regular check-ups with a licensed technician can limit the unit’s efficiency. Homeowners should schedule a yearly maintenance appointment.

Homeowners can also clean out their air conditioner periodically to help reduce the need for repairs. Begin by turning off the unit. Homeowners can begin cleaning by first focusing on the unit’s coils. Using a regular garden hose, spray down the coils of the unit. Then, homeowners can use a commercial air conditioner cleaner to spay the coils. Be sure to read the directions on the cleaner for proper use. Rinse off the coils.

Homeowners should then look for the unit’s drain, which will be located outside. Using a wet/dry vacuum, simply clean the drain of any debris that may be attempting to clog it. Be sure the drain has a cap that covers it to prevent debris from entering in the future.
Remove any debris from the outside unit. Twigs, grass, leaves and other debris can enter the outside unit, making it run less efficiently. Periodically, homeowners should clean the outside unit to be sure no debris is inhibiting it from running properly.

With a few simple steps, homeowners can ensure their air conditioning units are up to face the task of keeping them cool. Avoiding unnecessary AC service and AC repair bills.


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