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Energy Conservation

Your Air Conditioner is the biggest energy consumer in your home or office.  A few easy steps can help to reduce energy costs:

  • Clean or replace filters every 4-6 weeks to help the air conditioner run more efficiently and economically.
  • Set the thermostat to 78 degrees or warmer (or when away from home or office for long periods of time, set the thermostat at 82 degrees).  When the “heat” setting is used during S. Florida “cold” weather, select 68 degrees or cooler at night.
  • Set the fan to “auto.”
  • Keep interior doors and vents open to maintain proper airflow.
  • Block out direct sunlight by closing drapes and blinds during the afternoon.
  • Use floor and ceiling fans when in a room or office.
  • Seal or replace leaky ductwork.  Florida Power and Light (FPL) says over 65% of homes have leaking ductwork that needs repair or replacement and recommends inspection by an HVAC professional.
  • Install a high-efficiency air conditioning system.  If an A/C system struggles to keep the house or office cool, is more than 10 years old or has had several costly repairs, it may be time to replace the existing equipment.  Choosing a high-efficiency system can help to reduce electric bills year after year.
  • Add attic insulation.  South Florida attic temperatures can reach 130 degrees during the summer.  An adequate layer of insulation can absorb some of the heat between the attic and living area.
  • Caulk around windows and doors to help prevent cooled air from leaving and hot air from entering the home or office.

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