Tips For Heat Pump Repair, Delray Beach: What Now?


There are a lot of things you can do to extend the life of your pool heat pump; we can’t recommend enough getting a service package that includes preventative maintenance and care to ensure this huge investment in your home stays functioning in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

That said, sometimes you might encounter problems. Some of them you can handle on your own, some will require professional heat pump service. Delray Beach and the surrounding area look to RomeAire for answers to their questions; we try to offer the best advice and service to help you maintain you system at full capacity.

A common “panic call” from customers involves a blank display at the pool; the good news is, nine times out of ten it’s either a simple power breaker that’s flipped, or a fuse that’s gone out. Obviously customers are delighted when all they need to do is flip a switch or replace a fuse; the other possibility is a failed component inside the heater itself, and that will require a service call.

Another regular problem is an indicator on the heater that reads “low flow” or similar. Again, the usual solution is an easy one; a dirty filter can slow the heater’s flow enough to engage the warning, and replacing it is simple enough. On the other hand, if the filter isn’t the problem, the heater valves themselves might be incorrectly set — or the bypass valve might be too far open, lowering the flow through the heater. Either way we’ve got the experience and equipment to troubleshoot for you, and can usually resolve the problem in a single visit.

For more information about the repair and heat pump installation Delray Beach has come to trust most, please contact us today!