Common Heat Pump Noises to Listen For

Heat pumps offer tremendous benefits for homeowners in Florida, where they supply


excellent cooling during the long hot and humid season, and the right amount of heating during the short winter season. Because heat pumps will work for us around the year, whether helping beat the heat or tolerate the cold, they can wear down quickly and begin to develop repair needs.

Heat pumps often make unusual noises when they need repairs. Here are a few to listen for that may indicate you have to call in an HVAC specialists to look over your system. For quality heat pump repair contact the experts at Rome Aire Service. Since 1982, people have looked to us for dependable service for all their comfort systems.

Pay attention to these heat pump noises:
Grinding during start-up: If you hear a harsh grinding sound when your heat pump comes on, then it could be “hard starting” because of a problem in the compressors—a heat pump uses two different compressors, so you will need a professional to find out which one is having difficulty.

Clanging and striking: The likely culprit here is a loose blower fan belt. A heat pump uses different fans to move air for the condensation and evaporation processes; if the fan belt develops damage or cracks, it could come loose and start hitting against other components. This needs to be addressed immediately, before the belt starts to cause more damage. The noise could also come from loose motor mounts.

Hissing: This usually indicates a leak in the refrigerant, which is responsible for the heat exchange that allows your heat pump to heat and cool your home. If you can hear it, it is probably a large leak and you won’t have a working heat pump for long. Get a professional to seal the leaks and recharge the lost refrigerant.

Humming and buzzing: There are a few reasons for hearing this sound (usually within the outdoor unit). One is that the run capacitor which keeps the motors operating has developed a fault. It could also indicate a stuck relay or a motor on the verge of a burnout.

Regardless of the noise, if you think it means that you are in need of heat pump repair, don’t try to get the work done yourself with a standard toolkit and an online DIY guide. Get a professional to diagnose the problem and offer a remedy. Contact Rome Aire Services for heat pump repair in Boca Raton, FL—any time of the day or night.