How to Know If You Need Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are remarkably efficient ways to heat and cool your home; they require less energy in general, because instead of creating heat, they simply transfer it around as needed. They’re environmentally friendly, and in our moderate climates, they’re a fantastic choice.

But no matter how well they’re manufactured or installed, eventually every heat pump will need repair or at least maintenance. There are usually a few signs home and business owners can be on the lookout for to help them know when they need heat pump service.

The first and most obvious sign a heat pump repair is in order is that the system seems less effective than it used to; if rooms don’t seem as hot or as cool as they did when the system was first installed, you may need to contact a heat pump service professional to take a look and bring it back up to par.

If the heat pump doesn’t come on, of course, you have a repair situation and should call a heat pump repair company; more subtly, if the heat pump switches on and off more often than you remember, there may be a problem ranging from a simple blocked filter to a more complicated sensor issue. Similarly, if your heat pump seems to regularly trip the switch in your circuit breaker box, there’s a problem; contact a heat pump service professional immediately.

Finally, when your heat pump is operating, stand still and listen. If you hear sounds you haven’t heard before, such as light squeaking or grinding noises coming from the unit, switch it off immediately and contact a heat pump repair specialist immediately before a small problem becomes a big one.

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