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Custom Air Filters

Sometimes the right filter can be hard to find! Rome Aire has the solution. We offer a wide range of filter types and offer common, hard-to-find, and even custom size filters for nearly every application.

Call 561-482-7495 and speak with the filter department, who will:

  • Provide you with a quote
  • Offer you with a 1-year supply
  • Remind you when it’s time to reorder
  • Arrange FREE delivery to your home or office in our service area

Using the correct size filters is important to keep the A/C coils clean to avoid costly coil cleaning and to maintain maximum energy efficiency. Filters that are too small can allow dirt into the coil, a too-large filter can get sucked into the A/C unit and cause a more serious problem.

Don’t know the filter size(s) you need?
At your convenience, we also can schedule a technician to come to your home or office and take an accurate measurement. Click here to Schedule an Appointment or call 561-482-7495 to sign up!

Why do I need filters?
Good question! Visit the Filters page to find out general information about A/C Filters.

Not all Filters are created equally! Different filters have different characteristics and serve different purposes.

Media types:

Orange and White Tactified Pads
Tactified “Sticky” film designed to catch small particulate, high flow- non-restrictive.
Orange and White Tactified Cardboard Frame
More rigid than “Pads”, designed for track or filter-back grill applications.
Orange and White Tactified Bottle Mesh
Most rigid form of “Tactified” filters, designed for track or filter-back grill applications.
More restrictive than other disposable filters however is rated to catch finer particulate. This product requires more frequent changing.
Spun Fiberglass Disposable
Not as efficient as orange and white or pleated, but is the least expensive of disposable type filters.

Any many other not so common and special filters too! April Air, Honeywell, ect…No-Hassle Filter Program.
Have an office, vacation home, rental property, or hard-to-access equipment, a busy household, or just not enough time? Ask about Rome Aire’s Filter Program. Sign up for our Filter Program We can schedule a technician to routinely change A/C filters at any Palm Beach or Broward location.


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