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Air Conditioning Repair: An Ounce of Prevention

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It’s not really up for debate in Florida: air conditioning is a fact of life, part of the required equipment that can make or break a person’s comfort. And we know there are health benefits as well; people are less stressed when they’re kept cool, are less likely to become dehydrated, and are generally more productive. Central air conditioners have the added benefit of moving enough air to filter out allergens such as pollen, making the atmosphere within the conditioned space healthier for everyone.

But when an air conditioner stops working, it’s a burden that affects everyone. It never happens at a convenient time; invariably the moment you most need a/c service or a/c repair is at the moment most likely proven to be a pain in the neck. Problems that might’ve been less expensive to fix earlier can become more complicated if allowed to worsen – adding needlessly to the cost of your air conditioning repair job.

This is why we recommend “an ounce of prevention that’s worth a pound of cure,” i.e. getting your air conditioner a little routine a/c maintenance from our knowledgeable, courteous professional technicians. No matter how reliable your air conditioner might seem, it can always benefit from regular maintenance; systems that aren’t properly maintained not only are increasingly likely to fail, but become less and less efficient year after year. That lack of efficiency means you’re spending more to cool the same area than you need to be; consider that the cost of a preventative maintenance schedule for your air conditioner will likely be regained through lower electric bills over the life span of the appliance.

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