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Filter Service

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep your air conditioning system running longer and more efficiently is to keep the air filters clean. Many homeowners often overlook or forget the importance of changing their AC filters regularly for one reason or another.

Common reason this gets overlooked:

    • Unaware of the importance
    • Hard to access equipment
    • Not in town – vacation home or heavy travel schedule
    • Not on-site – rental property or offices
    • Busy household – Overlooked or forgotten

Consider signing up for our Filter Program and allow Rome Aire to change the filters for you. You will never have to remember to change your filters again! Click here to Schedule an Appointment or call 561-482-7495 to sign up!

Why do I need filters?
Good question! Visit the Filters page to find out general information about A/C Filters.

Having problems finding A/C filters?
We eliminate the hassle. Rome Aire carries a wide range of filter types and offers common, hard-to-find, and even custom size filters for nearly every application. Visit the Buy A/C Filters page for information about our filter products.