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Preventive Maintenance

The tropical climate of South Florida means that residents live with warm, humid temperatures nearly 12 months of the year. For many, Air Conditioning in the home and office is not a luxury–it’s a necessity.

Your Air Conditioning System is one of the most expensive and valued assets in your home or office and is one of the largest sources of energy consumption, so it makes sense to keep it operating properly and efficiently.

Routine maintenance of your Air Conditioning System is something you should not overlook. Annual or semi-annual* Preventive Maintenance can:

  • Reduce the number of equipment breakdowns
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Save money on electric bills
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Provide peace of mind with continuous comfort
  • Conserve natural resources

Our customer service specialists can arrange a 17-point equipment check-up. It takes only 45-60 minutes per system and can be scheduled for your convenience Monday-Friday. And ask about becoming a Preferred Customer which includes 10% discounts to qualifying customers.

17-Point Preventive Maintenance includes:

1. Purge and sanitize drain line and pan(s)
2. Rinse condenser coil when water is available
3. Replace thermostat batteries *
4. Check hurricane straps on outdoor unit
5. Replace or clean air filters **
6. Check proper level of refrigerant ***
7. Tighten electrical connections
8. Replace basic/minor electrical connectors, if necessary
9. Check amperage draw of motors
10. Verify proper functioning of electrical components
11. Check condition of evaporator coil
12. Lubricate fan motors
13. Tighten refrigerant valve caps
14. Fasten loose insulation within 3’ of indoor or outdoor unit
15. Recommend repairs or services needed to maintain efficient operation of system(s) and reduce likelihood of breakdowns(s)
16. Verify proper thermostat operation in heat and cool modes
17. Test for proper operation.

*No charge when provided by customer.
**Standardized pricing for air filters.
**Added refrigerant billed separately.

Preventive Maintenance service is available for your full-time residence, vacation home, rental property or office.

Rome Aire logoRome Says – For most South Florida households, Rome recommends PM service twice a year — once in the spring before summer temperatures begin to climb and again in the fall before the winter season. Fall is also the best time to ask Rome Aire to add a Preventive Maintenance check-up for electric pool heat pumps.

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